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Records that date back as far as the 1700s show that locals in the village of Shunga have been using Shungite to cleanse water and energize their bathing water for hundreds of years. Czar Peter of Russia is also said to have provided Shungite-purified water to his soldiers and started the first Russian spa near the Karelian Shungite deposit. It is an effective water filtering instrument which, is needed more than ever due to our water being infected with fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria and viruses. Water pollution leads to many diseases and The World Health Organization claims that more than 60% of illnesses, indirectly are connected with the consumption of polluted drinking water!!

Shungite is a natural material which has the ability to cleanse water and saturate it with healthy elements. It has a unique chemical compostion which is high in carbon, with physical characteristics of absorption and also anti bacterial properties! Due to the carbon nature of the stone and its porous structure, it has an extremely high filtering capacity.

Shungite absorbs and holds up to a massive 95% of polluting elements, including heavy metals, flouride, pesticides and harmful micro-organisms.

The amount of chemicals and man made substances in shungite water is close to zero! We think thats quite amazing, and are sure you will too!!


Shungite has a great energizing effect on water. Energized and mineralised water ensures better functions of cells and tissues and contains natural anti oxidants, neutralizing free radicals. 

As a result it improves your overall immune system and can be used to treat a variety if dis-ease as well as a detox for your body. 

  • Drink Shungite Water for detoxification

  • Apply Shungite Water on your skin to reduce inflammation

  • Bathe in Shungite Water for relaxation & stress relief


Add your stones to a glass pitcher of water

Shungite water can be extremely helpful and is widely used for therapeutic purposes. However it can also be applied externally to cure acne, spots and other related skin conditions. Drinking shungite water helps to treat chronic respiratory issues, headaches, joint and muscle ache and even problems with the digestive system. 


  • Take the shungite stones and wash them under warm running water to get rid of any dust

  • Take a jar/ pitcher and put 50-70 grams of 'Elite Noble' shungite stones in 1 litre of water or 35g for half a litre..

  • Leave the stones for at least 2 hours before drinking. The longer the better. As you drink the water add more to the pitcher, the longer you leave the stones, the greater the detoxification will take place. 

  • Cleanse and re charge the stones approximately every 6 weeks, to restore their filtration capacity.

  • Change the stones yearly or when it seems that the stones do not purify the water they way the originally did. 

  • (Filtration capacity will decline with time)

  • Shungite water can be used for therapeutic purposes 

  • Shungite improves plants yield and significantly improves cut flowers blossoming time.

  • Shungite is also beneficial for our pets too, improving your pets mood, health and well being.

A selection of Elite Noble stones for water purification and detoxificationn
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